The Artist

Josh Ross Photography

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved exploring and being out in nature. Ever since I started driving, I would purposely try to get lost exploring places I’ve never been before. That was before GPS and smart phones. Now it’s a little harder to get completely lost, but there’s nothing like road trips and the smell of freedom on the open road. The kind where there’s no agenda and time slows down to nonexistence, and your camera sits shotgun.  That is when I’m in my element. Landscape photography isn’t point-and-shoot for the most part. So, having all the time in world to set up, wait for the right light, creating different compositions, etc. is important. Patience is key. When I’m walking and hiking in nature, an old quote comes to mind: "Art is man’s nature; nature is God’s art." - Philip James Bailey I bought my first DSLR camera around 2013, because I was tired of the photos that I took with my iPhone 5 not looking like how I saw the shot with my own eyes. I would like to say that the first time I picked up a camera I was a natural. I was so far from it! I didn’t read the manual or bother to learn anything about it for a couple years. The photos I took with it were horrible. That is until a friend, who had a photography side business, showed me a couple of camera settings. One of them I clearly remember was the exposure level indicator. No wonder my photos would come out too dark or too bright sometimes. I had no idea that’s what it was. From there on out my mind was a sponge learning all I could about camera settings, and how each setting affected the shot. Then I learned more about composition. It wasn’t until I really learned editing, that I realized how it is just as important, if not more, as taking the shot. I’m a self-taught photographer, who still has much to learn, and I strive to get better and better. If I don’t look back on old photos and think about how the settings, composition and editing could have been better, then I wouldn’t be progressing. Sometimes I’ll even have one of those “what was I thinking?!!” moments. Haha. Thank you for stopping by to check out my photography. My goal is that when you see any of my photos, it makes you think to yourself, “I must go there.” And you do. Some locations I have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal. So I simply can’t tell you where it is. =) - Josh